Our aim is Happier cities, That’s one of the reasons why we propose 215 colors, because we want to put colors and joy in the streets.

In reaction to Black Friday, we wanted to offer any of the 215 RAL colors*. (https://www.ralcolorchart.com/)

To claim this offer, please use the #ForHappierCities coupon code in stores or online.


*Offer available between 23/11/2018 and 30/11/2018 inclusively. Valid on new Ahooga Folding Bikes purchase only, Push and Hybrid (Essential, Comfort+, Style+ and Light+) only. Offer not combinable. Offer not applicable to brushed aluminium finish. Offer available through our online shop (shop.ahoogabikes.it) and in stores upon use of the coupon code #ForHappierCities . Please note that delivery times may be different than announced depending on demand and will overwrite our standard terms of sales.
Dealer list & map: https://ahoogabikes.it/test-ride/
Please send any questions or requests for information to Ahooga Headquarters (Ahooga House) via E-Mail: hello@ahoogabikes.it.