Ahooga & DriveNow Team Up For Integrated Intermodal Mobility Solutions​

Brussels, June 22, 2017 – DriveNow Brussels, the car sharing joint venture of the BMW Group and Sixt SE, and Ahooga, the Belgian hyperlight folding ebike brand, join forces by granting easier access to their complementary mobility solutions. This partnership is a first and aims at a mind shift in people’s commuting habits. Ultimately, both companies wish to set the impetus for smarter cities.

Adapted mobility mix
“Ahooga fully fits into our vision of mobility”, explains Christian Lambert, Managing Director at DriveNow Belgium. “Like many capitals, Brussels has its mobility and parking issues. Imagine citizens putting a Ahooga Bike in the trunk of a DriveNow car, and there you have a very flexible, pleasant, efficient, fun, and intermodal mobility solution that adds to the transport systems already in place in Brussels.”

DriveNow provides car sharing services since 2011 and the service is already being used by more than 900,000 residents in Europe. DriveNow introduced a fleet of more than 310 cars, some of which electric, in Brussels, the tenth city DriveNow offers its services. Registered users can use these cars to drive from point A to point B whenever they want and without any booking up-front. At the end of the journey, they can leave the car wherever they want within the business area. The service is available 24 hours a day via a free-floating system.

Integrated and all-round mobility solution

The Belgian company Ahooga believes that the secret of the world’s happiest cities lies in pleasant commuting. Using an adapted mobility mix can transform our cities and make us more connected, lively and free. In 2015 they created the world first folding-yet-comfortable, electric-yet-hyper-lightweight bike. Folding, thus intermodal. Their proven product has been delivered to hundreds of happy riders throughout Europe.

“We have nothing against cars”, says Philippe Lefrancq, Co-Founder at Ahooga. “It’s actually a great tool which once was synonym of freedom and which people are emotionally attached to. But it can’t be the one and only mean of transportation. There is no need for owning three cars per household, especially in Brussels where there’s such an integrated and all-round mobility solution. What we’re doing with DriveNow and this intermodal solution is probably one of the most efficient ways forward with the infrastructures currently in place.”

About DriveNow

DriveNow, the carsharing joint venture of the BMW Group and Sixt SE, is available in various European cities and offers a range of high-quality premium vehicles of the BMW and MINI brands to rent, based on the free-floating principle. The vehicles can be hired and returned independent of location within a defined business area. More than 900,000 registered customers find and reserve vehicles using the DriveNow App and are able to use the service across multiple cities. DriveNow operates a fleet of some 5,700 vehicles in Munich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Vienna, London, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Brussels, Milan and Helsinki. In all its cities, DriveNow also offers electric BMW i3. Several studies have proven that one DriveNow vehicle replaces at least three private cars. DriveNow therefore contributes to easing the traffic situation in cities.

More about DriveNow: https://www.drive-now.com/be/en/brussels/