Fahrer-Berlin And Ahooga Team Up For Elegant (And Pretty Awesome) Folding Bikes Accessories​

Riding a folding bike does not mean you cannot carry stuff. That you probably realized seeing the huge collection of bags, backpacks, trailers and racks we propose already. With this partnership, transporting “stuff” goes to the next level as it is done with style, not to say awesomeness.

Let’s dive in.

HANDEL is made for easy carrying of your Ahooga. Ideal for those-with-smaller-hands and using public transports.

And then there is the KOMPLIZE (accomplice), an individual cycling handbag.

It provides a detachable shoulder belt and the legendary hand-loop – a heritage of his forefathers in the seventies. Put in your necessities for entering the city. It fits all basics including your netbook & smartphone. Each bag is unique. Signs of usage are part of the Design.

The last one is our favorite: SCHLINGEL. Smaller yet big enough to carry all your essentials like smartphone, wallet and bicycle pump. Made of recycled material in cooperation with workshops in Germany.